Who was/is Mariya Babko and what links her to Deep Web controversy?

Who was/is Mariya Babko and what links her to Deep Web controversy?

I’ve done a little research but I can’t find out, all I know is that she was a model at some point during her teens. Where is the connection?


AJ – Actually, I’ve found an image that seems to link the model with the infamous SIberian Mouse company.

Update 2:



Here’s a link to her website. She has no connection to the Deep Web controversy. See other links.


Mariya Babko is a (former?) rusian teen model who, between the ages of roughly 9 or 10 and 13 or 14, was also a “professional” child porn actress/model who went by the name Masha. She worked with a company called ‘1st Studio’ who outwardly appeared to be a legitimate agency, but produced a series of soft and hardcore pornographic photosets and videos for private collectors under the title ‘Siberian Mouse’.

At some point between 2011 and 2012 a number of these videos and pictures were leaked onto the web and the company promptly shut down their operation.

Mariya Babko’s mainstream modeling career, which was on the rise to that point, was left in ruins in the wake of the scandal, in particular, the revelation that in a number of videos and pictures she and a girl purported to be her roughly three years younger sister performed sexual acts on each other, and in one video performed oral sex on a man together.

As the scandal unfolded there were many who felt that Mariya was not a victim in the same way that other sexually abused children are, largely because she was paid extremely well, and also because there was no evidence of coercion. There was little effort by authorities to conceal her identity, as would normally be the protocol in a case such as this, and she has since dropped off the radar.

All of her personal webpages promoting her modeling career have pulled offline, and very little information can be found on her, however there is a photograph of her in an advertisement for FMD (Fashion Model Directory) and, it’s claimed, the picture appears to be current, that is, she looks at least a couple of years older then when last seen.

….And that’s all I know about Mariya Babko, most of which is rumor or conjecture. Her only connection to the “deep web” is that that’s largely where the infamous pics and vids are being traded.

What image seems to link her and Siberian Mouse? What is Siberian Mouse? Is there an article?

There are also rumors, that she never did a real sex encounter, only oral and anal videos, because she wanted to keep her virginity (!!). She was all the time good student in school and only excellent marks. That is really a big controversy. Allegedly she came itself to the Siberian Mouse studio when she heard that her friend Ira is participating there. It is true that Masha was paid much better than other girls because (again allegedly) she cooperated with porn makers how do to video and what she is ready to perform.

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