what movie is this from?

what movie is this from?

I’m trying to figure out what movie this scene is from.


It’s a scene from Season 1, Episode 14 of Picket Fences entitled “Bad Moons Rising”.

Alice Freeman (Miriam Flynn) kills her husband with a steamroller and Wambaugh uses menopause as an insanity defense. He gets her off. Alice was dating Carter. At the end of the episode he finds out she’s fooling around with her OBGYN who provided crucial testimony in her case. They leave it open ended, but she was probably faking the menopause. In an odd parallel story, Mathew is confused by wet dreams he’s having about Max. Lauren Holly in a black bra and panties with a chocolate cake in one hand, a Gameboy in the other and a Ted Williams rookie card tucked away in the crack of her as* is quite possibly the most perfect woman ever. This episode dealt with too sticky (pun intended) sexual situations that don’t get talked about much with humor and tact.

Boy: Presents?

Lauren Holly: Chocolate cake. Gameboy. And me.

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