What happened to www.myfreepaysite.com? Why can’t I open it?

I tried to open it but everytime the domain changes to GIF Image, 1×1 image. I dont see anything on the page. Can anyone tell me whether the website has been shut down or if not, then how do i access it?


Absolutely NOTHING is wrong!

I have no problems accessing MyFreePaysite with Windows or with Linux/Ubuntu, rest assured, there is no problem.

Suggestion, try opening another account,

might ask for a different e-mail address though.

Comments on sexuality are unhelpful!

The question is about accessing a program, NOT sexuality!

Hope you can get in ok.

Regards, Michael

because they want to make some money.i can only access the pay for programming. cam ads, aebn,couple other payfor deals,reaqlly sucks.no matter what i do it goes right to the pay for page,its no longer the same thing.and wasssss up with the michal d 6 years ago answer or the homophobe man that ever lived 6 years ago lets get current boys this shits goin on now.yeah everythings just fine 6 years ago.looks to me like the formats changed.perhaps the name should be mypaypaysite.com.im very disapointed.

Mine is down has the background and cam ads


Because the site now comes with an automatic GAY detector

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