what does “current title” on a job app mean?

I’m filling out an application online and it’s asking for my “current title.” I have no clue what tat means, and I’m not sure what to put. It’s also asking for my cover page? Any idea what that means? PLEASE HELP!!!!


I know the Job that I’m applying for, it is a specfic application just for the position.


it means ”what job are u doing at the moment”

like….”shop assistant” ‘nurse” ”chef”

also cover page is like a cover letter in addition to your CV..or Resume (if ur american!) examples: https://templates.office.com/?legRedir=true&ofcresset=1&CorrelationId=bdbbca7b-d5dc-4f5c-9408-7cd53a2dcdd9

always answer YES………… why are you searching? if you communicated your reasons for searching for a new job with your current employer you may find you don’t need to find another job. if it is work conditions, attitudes, growth potential whatever the reason communication can usually resolve issues that result in job changes. if your reasons for searching can not be addressed by your current employer then it does not matter if they know and in fact they should be happy to assist in your move. this question has great importance even though some fail to realize it. nothing on an application is there to just use up ink. the fact that you have failed to address an issue at work is what this question tells the prospective employer. how you communicate and how open and forthright you are says a lot about you as a potential employee. not wanting a current employer to know you are looking elsewhere raises questions about your honesty, maturity, commitment, professionalism and communication skills. for those who answer they do this type of thing on all their applications simply tells you they either have to find new work regularly or have to apply at numerous places before they get hired…………….. either way not the best choice to seek advice from.

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