[SOLVED] Where can I watch Boku no Pico?

Where can I watch Boku no Pico?


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When I hear about the notorious anime, as other people have said, you will be judged and judged. Despite other series containing offensive content, the content of Boko No Pico is alarmingly offensive. That said, I don’t think cell phones are worth your time and attention.

First, don’t look at it. But if you want to avoid any confusion, find Boku No Pico ep1 and choose your desired website. I’ll see you go to hell

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Best Answer for Where can I watch Boku no Pico?

Boko No Pico (you can see Boko No Pico here) is a masterpiece in every way: story, character, writing, music, comedy, drama, action, world structure. Currently with Pokemon Anime and much more. It’s a long series but it’s worth every second as all the arcs/episodes are fun.

Boko No Pico is set in an alternate world where pirates rule the seas and anything can happen. Gold Roger was a pirate king of fame, fortune and power. But when he was caught, he was sentenced to death. On the day he was hanged, he revealed that he had hidden a piece of his treasure somewhere on the Grand Line.

He forced people to travel and tried to find the treasure of Boko No Pico. Many failed and their locations were never found. But over the years it has caught the attention of hundreds of pirate gangs seeking the title of Pirate King. The whole world has entered the golden age of pirates.

On an island lived a boy named Luffy, who befriended a pirate named Captain Shank. He sees Shanks as a hero. And he will do anything to be a part of his team. But he’s too young to be a pirate or part of a crew.

One day, Luffy Devil encountered fruit. He ate it and took the energy of the fruit. This gave him the ability to tow with a rubber body. But once you eat the ghost fruit, you will be cursed by the everlasting powers. And then never swim. He saved his life when his friend Shank nearly drowned. When Shank left with his crew, he gave Luffy his precious straw hat. He told us to stay until we meet again.

Although Luffy is sad, he is also honored. And his new goal in life is to build his own pirate team, go to the Grand Line, find a piece of treasure and become the new Pirate King.

A few years later, Luffy began his quest to find some friends for his pirate crew. Throughout the series, he encounters new lands, new allies, treasure, danger and many villains. But with a little faith and the power of Satan’s fruit.

Luffy certainly succeeds in his goal of becoming the greatest pirate alive.

The comedy was created in the late 90’s and has been around since the early days of the anime series SpongeBob. I first heard this when it came to Foxbox in late 2004. Back then, I was totally unloved in most anime. I also never watched the English dub of the series because I found it to be a good series.

After reading it online, the dub has changed a lot and there is no such thing as original. I was fascinated to see how good it was. I have read the first volume of the manga series. And I really liked the way the story went.

It wasn’t until January 2007 that I finally started reviewing anime. I’ve only seen cuts and uncensored episodes without subtitles. And I fell in love with him. The animation is very well done, funny, action-packed and sometimes dramatic.

I don’t even consider it a children’s cartoon as it is mostly aimed at teenagers. But with interesting characters and over a hundred secondary / other characters. Boku no Pico is actually a great anime after Case Closed, Norto and other ongoing series.

The reason it’s so rare is because 4Kids was the first company to distribute anime. They were heavily edited and censored. And there are many flaws in dubbing. Like voices that don’t match the characters’ personalities. Too many pirate sounds and catchy phrases get old fast.

Violence, blood, alcohol, drugs and nudity have been replaced and removed. All weapons have been modified to be harmless. 4 Children spend more time editing scenarios than they do. Also removed many fillers and minor installments. And most of them are important to avoid the series.

Fortunately, 4 children are not entitled to Boko No Pico. I know they will give up because they made the mistake of promoting the show to English speaking countries.

I would say Boko No Pico is really big in Japan. I watched all the current episodes. And it’s not enough.

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