[SOLVED] What is your favourite memory from your childhood?

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The Answer for what is your favourite memory from your childhood?

My favorite childhood memory is going to an orphanage. Prior to this, I did not know what it was and it did not interest me. But then I was so excited. I was so happy when I first saw the kids playing, there was also a magical event, the day I visited was a beautiful day for me.

My favorite memory from childhood was learning to knit wool from my grandmother.


Grandma went to my house during the winter holidays. I remember when I was 13, she brought home at least seven multi-colored rollers.

It also has needles. One day he insisted on teaching me how to make something. She found out that I wanted to make some woolen clothes.

It started out very basic, but then I got interested in the process. I learned how to make sweaters, scarves, gloves, and wool socks.

He also taught me how to make flowers and leaves like embroidery.

It was an amazing experience, now I am a mother of two and I look for clothes from wool. I can’t do this if my grandmother doesn’t teach me well.

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