[SOLVED] What is the “green glass door” game?

What is the “green glass door” game?


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If you take this game seriously you will have a lot of fun. You have to find the answer by making fun of this game, but most people respond based on the misrepresentations given in this game. If you have to answer, you have to think differently from the sentences we have given, unless you think differently, you do not enjoy playing this game, you always sleep separately. One thing you shouldn’t say is that you need 3 people to play this game. Whenever you start this game, you should always announce according to the green glass door and all the people there will be according to the rotation. This game should be game-oriented, ie who can bring what.

I never heard of it, so I googled it. This is a maze game, you can see.

As others have said, this is a puzzle game that focuses on two characters.

In the early ’80s, when junior was in high school, Queen Anne encountered a game called picnic. The same idea; “What does he bring with him to dinner?” The answer should be in two letters.

No meat, no pizza

Green beans, not red

Carrots, not celery …


As you can see, this is a limited range. I like the green glass door version. 🙂

Is it a puzzle or a puzzle …

Who can go through the green glass door?

The rabbit can, but the rabbit cannot.

Kids can, but kids shouldn’t.

Fathers do but mothers do not

Who can go through the green glass door?

A hobby will throw a horse.

But the pony has to find someone else.

A cat also comes.

The mother came after the queen.

The daughter was allowed inside.

The cat is not Laura but

So what is the key that keeps you going?

Are you going through the green glass doors?

(Some pre-advertising)

Having two letters in one word.

green – ee

cam – ss

Door – 00






The queen



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The cat passes, but the cat does not.

It may be a puppy, but not a dog.

It will be glass, but not glass.

It can make a tree, but not a leaf.

Do you see any patterns? Green Glass Door is a word puzzle game. Only two-letter words can pass through a green glass door.

So no cat, no puppy, no dog, no glass, no glass, no tree, no leaf.

Green glass indoor group is a fun game to play as an ice breaker, on a family road trip, or as a drinking game.

Don’t reveal the secret of the green glass door at the beginning of the game to guess the players. For players who are already familiar with this, it should be easy to find more who can pass and who can’t. It’s best to play this game out loud with some people who know the secret and don’t know anything.

Players who do not know this secret often try to understand the relationship between two things and do not realize that this game is based on spelling rather than understanding relationships.

Proof of this is that the two objects are related in some way, which makes players wonder what the green glass door has to do with it.

When you find any clues try to think of them: not for example) or part of the pair (like pepper, but not salt).

Make your credentials as difficult as possible and try to figure out players who don’t know the secrets of the Green Glass Door.

Players enter the game through the green glass door with exactly the same name as they can and cannot do. Players are removed from the game (or a drink is taken) if they misspell something that can pass through a green glass door or not.

If you want to play green glass indoor game, here is another puzzle game that will interest you.

If Grandma doesn’t like tea.

“What does Grandma do if she doesn’t like tea?” Start by asking this game. For example, “Grandma doesn’t like tea, but Grandma likes coffee.” Or, “Grandma doesn’t like tea, but she likes Grandpa.”

Can you imagine why your grandmother doesn’t like tea?

Because my grandmother does not like words with the letter T!

Happy driving!

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