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What is full form of ABG


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An Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) is a blood test that estimates a supply route’s sharpness, or pH, and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. The preliminary is used to affirm the patient’s lung limit and how well they can move oxygen and clear carbon dioxide. ABG tests are normally performed in the setting of ICU and ER; be that as it may, contingent upon their finding, ABGs can be drawn on any patient on any floor.

ABG are drawn for:

  • Lung collapse.
  • Kidney collapse.
  • Stun.
  • Injury.
  • Undisciplined diabetes.
  • Asthma.
  • Constant Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Discharge.
  • Medication Overdose.
  • Metabolic Disease.
  • Concoction Poisoning.
Key components of ABG:
  • pH: 7.35-7.45.
  • PaO2: 75 to 100 mmHg.
  • PaCO2: 35-45 mmHg.
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3): 22-26 mEq/L.
  • Oxygen saturation (O2 Sat): 94-100%.

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ABG full form is Arterial Blood Gas. It refers to a test that is performed to measure the levels of the oxygen and carbon and acidity (pH) in the blood of an artery. This test checks how efficient your lungs are in moving oxygen into the blood and removing carbon dioxide from the blood. When blood passes through lungs oxygen from the air present in the lungs moves into the blood and carbon dioxide from the blood moves out into the lungs.In this test, blood is drawn from an artery before it enters into body tissues.

Generally, the normal values of an ABG test are as follows:

  • pH= 7.38 – 7.42
  • Bicarbonate: 22 – 28 mEq/L
  • Partial pressure of oxygen: 75 – 100 mm Hg
  • Partial pressure of carbon dioxide: 38 – 42 mm Hg
  • Oxygen saturation: 94 – 100 percent

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