[SOLVED] What does “package arrived at carrier facility mean”?

What does “package arrived at carrier facility mean”?

it says that at 5:10 PM today, my package arrived at carrier facility. It says that my package is in San Diego, where I live. Right now it is 10:08 PM on the same day. Do you think I will get my package tomorrow?


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Yes its at the last spot before It is delivered to you. It should be delivered tomorrow but! It does depends on how far are they behind.

I do lots of ordering online. I’m pretty sure it means that your package has arrived at a local ups or at the postal service. I bet you’ll get the package tomorrow or soon 🙂

what does “package has left the carrier facility” mean, can I get it today

probably means that UPS or Fedex has it and it will drop it off soon. but depending on your cities mail schedule, it may not come till tomorrow afternoon..

As long as they can sort it to the carrier route in time, you should get it today.

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