[SOLVED] what are the expected bond angles in icl4+?

What are the expected bond angles of ICl4+? 

Choose all that apply: 

a) 90 degrees 

b)109.5 degrees 

c)120 degrees 

d)180 degrees


Answer for What are the expected bond angles of ICl4+? 

It has a see-saw shape and thus will have bond angles of 90, 120, and 180.
Thus [math] A,C,D [/math]

You mean ICL 4. +.

The polytomic ion contains seven valence electrons per atom, with the negative electron being lost (indicated by the +1 charge on the ion). So, there are a total of thirty-four electrons in the Louis diagram (one-act for each chlorine plus four single bands on a single pair and iodine, iodine gets an excellent number of five).

The VSERPR estimated the triangular binomial structure of these species, one of the five nuclei of the core molecule. The question here is where to place the lone pair.

If the isolated pair is in the axial position, the structure becomes a pyramid based on a square. The solitary pair consists of three equatorial chlorines with a chlorine angle of 180 degrees and angles of 90 degrees. In general, a stable structure should be as isolated as possible from other electrons. Ninety-three-degree angles are not good.

If a single pair is at the equator, it has an angle of ninety degrees with the two chlorines at the latitude and 120 degrees with the two chlorines at the equator. It’s cool. (120 degree is better than 90 degrees, but 180 degree is not better than 120 degree).

So the structure is an “opinion” behind the structure.

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