[SOLVED] What are Manga Caps on Tumblr?

What are Manga Caps on Tumblr?

Okay so I’ve heard about them a litte… correct me if I’m wrong, but are they like pictures from a manga that people post on Tumblr? Where do people get them? If you can give me just whatever you know about them that would be helpful. I was just kind of wondering about them.


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You can find scans of pages of manga on mangafox.com. Or, alternatively people may just take a picture or scan of a manga they own.

Yes, manga caps are like “screenshots” from a manga.

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chnically, yes, but on Tumblr stuff like that doesn’t rather practice. Like, I post plenty of screencaps from Supernatural and different stuff however no person’s going to get in problem for it, because surely we do not possess Supernatural. If it was ‘illegal’ then reblogging would be copyright infringement most times. So you can do what you wish to have simply tag it well to be riskless. -toohipstertobecool

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