[SOLVED] United States of America USJFKA??

United States of America USJFKA??

i ordered something from china and i tracked with EMS but when i tracked it said:

site:United States of America status:arrival at sorting center

so where is USJFKA? and how much more time till it arrives to my house in NJ?


This is the best answer for United States of America USJFKA??

A simple Google search for the term “USJFKA” indicates that the code is an acronym referring to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. As to when the item arrives, that will depend on how long it takes to clear the sorting center, Customs (if it hasn’t already), and is then delivered from JFK to your local post office.

5 business days after reaching JFK airport will generally be the delivery time to a mid-atlantic location.

i think this is the correct answer for this question.

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