[SOLVED] Thongs for men and youths (boyskinz)?

Thongs for men and youths (boyskinz)?

Im looking for the web site boyskinz that sells European style string speedos in boys sizes.

I am going to CapAgde with my wife and son in summer and my 14 year old wants to wear a boy size thong as at time he prefers not to be totaly nude.

Any one have the adress for them please?


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I am a guy. I bought my first thongs from k mart. The joe boxer brand made for men. I hid them away from my parents. Teir are two options, wear dirty thongs or learn how to wash your own and learn to do laundry. I told my mom about it and she said that most high school boys dont wear them and did not know how it is comfortable for a person have something in their crack. I told her that is my body and she accepts it. I also want it because it is supportive and comfortable. And to make them popular at school so i could sah the whale tail. I got them when i was 18

Your son is a raging flamer. tell him to go nude or no balls. And secondly why the hell are you taking your 14 year old son to a nude area o.O you sick .. sick man

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Is it even legal to take a child to a nudist place?  And he should just were whatever he wears swimming where you live.  You don’t want creeps ogling over him.

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