[SOLVED] the terms ac al ary and ic are all

The terms ac, al, ary, and ic are all

A. noun suffixes indicating procedures.
B. pseudosuffixes formed from roots.
C. adjective suffixes meaning “pertaining to.”
D. prefixes that function as prepositions.


The best answer for the terms ac, al, ary, and ic are 

all adjective suffixes meaning “pertaining to.”


The terms ac, al, ary, and ic are adjective suffixes. this means that “pertaining to”. For instance let us take some words like Cardiac, cephalic, congenital, integumentary, etc. the meaning of these words is pertaining to heart, head, presence of birth, skin respectively.

Here, the terms ac,al,ary,ic all refer to pertaining to. The term pertaining to refers to the meaning that it belongs to or is related to something. It also refers to the meaning of applicable or appropriate or relevant.

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