[SOLVED] Mom makes me dress up as a girl?

Mom makes me dress up as a girl?

One time my mom and I got in an argument and I disrespected her a lot and called her some names. And one day during the summer I came home and went to my room and my mom had put down a cocktail dress to wear with makeup jewelry a wig nail stuff and high heels. She said I have to wear all this stuff and other girl clothes for a week and I could get my stuff back. (She had taken all my stuff in my room and locked it up.) she said I need to learn respect and by doing so she made me dressup as a girl for a week. She did my makeup and hair and then we went to the nail salon together to get a manicure and pedicure. She even made me get fake nails, I was pi$Ed. They were annoying and walking in like six inch heels. Even wearin a bakini with fake boobs to swim. Is this really right for a mom to do? I mean overall it was kinda fun but was it necessary?


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yes – look how you turned out? – perfect.

The object lesson itself sounds risky. The point that conforms to what is known to be effective is that you were consequenced for your lack of respect in a way that made it your problem not her’s. That is what was necessary. When parents don’t teach adolescence to respect them the adolescence don’t respect other authority figures. After adolescence learned not to learn the legal officials then can’t teach them. Particularly because there can be such long intervals between crime and punishment.

I applaud your Mom for giving you a consequence. She also did the right thing by holding your stuff ransom until you complied. Too many parents punish themselves along with their kids. “You are grounded” often traps the parents in a house with very unhappy children. Effective consequences make the administration the child’s problem alone.

One point of weakness for this consequence was that it was not set up in advance. You didn’t know there would be any consequences before and it would have been more effective if you had.

I wouldn’t recommend this object lesson due to some risks. However, your mother seems to have put a lot of effort into making sure that it went OK for you, in a way that rewarded her. Very smart lady.

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People react differently and try to teach differently.. The question isn’t if it was correct of your mom to do it, nor if you were correct to disrespect her in the first place.. The real question is – did you learn something from it? Did you get an experience that makes you more inclined to be respectful to your mom and other women? If that’s the case, then yes – it was a necessary lesson, the way of teaching it was simply how your mom saw fit.

wow that is not fair at all. she was trying to teach you a lesson, but she took it way too far. tell her you understand the point she was trying to get across and you won’t say it again…or say whatever you can to make her stop. there is no way that this can be good for ou growing up. no offense but she may have some issues. tell one of your mom’s friends like an aunt or someone that will talk to her and tell her that its wrong.

Some men have to be taught the hard way to respect the fact that women are superior to me. Keep it up girl… maybe you will release we are better and your mother will help you become one of us full time.

well i think what she is trying to teach you is how to respect a woman. and she did this by making you a woman. although a week is a bit much, and way over done. a day, would have been funny. but a week? good luck kid.

lololololol I do that to my 4 year old brother all the time and he likes it 🙂 Either your trolling or your Mom has a great sense of humor. staaay beautiful 😉

I think she went a bit far and if it was fun then its not really a punishment.

Thanks for the laugh 😀

All serious now, that is a bit far for a mother to go to.

Does your dad have any idea of this?

If you tell him, I’m sure he’ll handle it from there

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