[SOLVED] kinaroroonan ng hilagang asya

Saan ang kinaroroonan ng hilagang asya


There is:

North of North Asia: Arctic Ocean

Nasa Silangan: China, Bering Sea, Okhotsk Sea, Pacific Ocean

South: Afghanistan, Iran

Western: Ural Mountains

Form: Very close

Shape: Triangle

Sukat:4,003,451 square kilometers

Klima:Malamig that is cold

Vegetation Cover:  

Steppe, Prairie, Taiga, Tundra

Kinaroroonan ng Hilagang Asya

Hilaga ng hilaga asya – Artic ocean

Silangan ng hilaga asya – China, Bering sea, Okhotsk sea at Pacific ocean

Timog ng hilaga asya – 2 bansa na nasa timog asya, Afghanistan and Iran

Kanluran ng hilagang asya – Ural mountains  

45.3000°N, 63.9000°E

Mga bansa sa Hilagang Asya




Korea (north)

Korea (south)


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