[SOLVED] is junglevibe.net safe?

is junglevibe.net safe?

I want to download mp3 songs, because there are songs that are not on youtube, but I am not sure if this website is safe or not because of virus


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Really started to love that site in the last couple of weeks! It has a clean design (apart from the obvious ads) and does its job very well, backing a massive catalogue. I’m willing to pay for music downloads, but if the record companies are too dumb to offer certain songs on iTunes (or just crappy versions, for example of Sweet’s ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’), I feel perfectly legit to get them from Junglevibe. And thankfully, this isn’t “ILLEGAL” in my country 🙂

I just downloaded a song and it works great but a bunch of ads started popping out hope it was just a one time thing if not I’m deleting it :/

Your downloading paid content for free. There going to find a way to make money off you, which is done through viruses. Don t use it unless you know what you re doing.

NO. ALL resources that give out COPYRIGHTED material for FREE but do so WITHOUT permission from the copyright owners are equally ILLEGAL.

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