[SOLVED] I accidentally started a FAFSA correction?

I accidentally started a FAFSA correction?

accidentally clicked “make corrections” on my FAFSA, but I don’t need to make corrections. What do I do? So now my application status says: Not Submitted. and “You started a correction to your 2014-2015 FAFSA but have not submitted it. Would you like to continue where you left off?”

My original Fafsa has been submitted and processed. It says so when I log on. Does this affect my original application? Do I need to worry about this? Do I just leave it alone?


The Best Answer for I accidentally started a FAFSA correction?

You can leave it alone if you like. Your aid will be based on the most recent FAFSA that the school receives, so if you don’t submit this correction, they will simply use the one you submitted before. However, it bothers you to leave this hanging, that’s ok too. Just make a small correction that won’t affect any numbers, such as adding a middle initial, or changing St. to Street in your address. The school will get the new FAFSA, but since you haven’t changed any of the information that is used in the calculations, none of your aid will be affected. (The school won’t think anything of it–this is a common mistake that we see all the time.)

If the status shows submitted and processed you should be good to go. I would leave things be.

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