[SOLVED] How to create more employment in rural areas ?

How to create more employment in rural areas? Explain with the help of five suitable examples. 


How can more employment opportunities be created in rural areas?


The best answer for How to create more employment in rural areas is

(i) Government can spend money or banks can provide loan for irrigation. 

(ii) Suppose one hectare of wheat can provide employment to the people for 50 days. So, the number of members can be increased. 


(i) Construction of new dams and canals. Constructing dams, canals or digging wells in villages. On one hand, this would serve the needs of farmers for irrigation and on the other, people engaged in such construction activity would gain employment. 

(ii) Development in transport facility by government and creating storage facilities in rural areas. 

(iii) Credit from local banks, so that crops can be grown every year. 

(iv) Agro-based industries can be set up in rural areas or semi-rural belts. 

(v) Making provisions for education and health services in rural belts can also result in employments.

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