[SOLVED] How important is it for Asians to get haircuts from Asian barbers?

How important is it for Asians to get haircuts from Asian barbers?


In the United States, this is very important for an Asian American like me.

As an ordinary person who does not want to spend a ton on expensive hair salons, I have never cut a haircut that compliments any Northeast Asian hairdresser in the states. This is a real problem that I have been frustrated with for over a decade and some of your efforts can be solved. I did my best to find a good hairdresser and went around whenever I got my gift. My hair does not react like white people’s hair. My hair is stiff and thick especially where it is short and white people’s hair styles make me look like I am not.

However, the best haircut of my life was with a white (and possibly gay) hairdresser in Helsinki, Finland.

One of the best middle-aged white barbers in the states where I went to college was just for a meeting. He still used pen and paper, but the appointment list was always from the previous day. It sharpened all my white boyfriends but I thought I was a little too clean and cunning for my taste.

An overweight Latin barber shortened my hair and made me look “Latin”.

A “Phoebe” Chinese barber made me “Phoebe” as if I were one of those extravagant Mendoop music videos.

I prefer only Asian American hairdressers. Or Phoebe Korean hairdressers. Based on more than 10 years of experience, everyone will pull my hair.

If you can’t find a barber who is mostly Asian, try going to a black women’s barber, because most black women use straight hair wigs or straighten hair. And unlike black women with straight hair in Asian barbers.

I hope there is no God. I’ve never been to an Asian hairstyle – not at all. Not so big Chinese community.

My son is a barber from Turkey.

It depends on the choice of the person. Some shaves suck, others are fine. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Asian Barbers aint for me either. But if you don’t really want to look Asian or anything, it doesn’t go unnoticed in my experience.

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If you are a man don’t read more – the following applies only to Asian women. Asia Women like our mothers and aunts claim that they can get a standard haircut only if they get a Chinese-born hairstyle (we are Chinese-American, but the way our mothers and aunts sometimes talk) In fact always … I was raised in Hong Kong. Not in USA (place of birth) Another heritage (heritage) because of Chinese they mean Philippines, they have 100% straight / thin hair, with straight locks. Are not left for Curling iron is an enviable thing!) Women with layered breasts / lab are now making these claims. I am a woman but unlike her a) my hair is not layered at all and b) huh ??? Mom, would you like to travel from home (NJ) to Chinatown, NJ every few months – and get a speeding ticket, parking ticket or any other ticket just because no one is clicking at the end of the street? ? !!!

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As a semi-Asian person, I can say that I have made a hairstyle in my life that cuts my hair satisfactorily. It’s not just about having the right hairstyle, it’s also about getting it done during my date. I don’t have a hairdresser at the moment and I had my last haircut in over a year. I’m really afraid of hairdressers when it comes to appointments and I don’t really blame them. My hair is so thick and beautiful that it takes a long time to cut it so it becomes difficult to work on it. I was once an apprentice model for the exam and it took longer than usual because she had never cut my hair before. This does not mean that the hairdresser / barber must be Asian, but I think they need Asian haircutting and styling training to do a good job.


I’m here because I was looking for a “Korean haircut from an American barber”.

Why? I don’t want to pay 25! But I can’t say for sure that I don’t want to insult an American barber.

I can’t tell them how to cut the top of my hair or how to cut the side burns with the rock markings.

Again, 25 because it requires scissors and shampoo!

This is important because Asian hair is different from Western hair (I am talking about East Asian hair). Asian hair is thick and straight, “hangs” in different ways, is difficult to curl, is very difficult to dye, and requires a large amount of hair spray to get the shape. In addition, most Asians have straight heads, so if the hair is cut according to the shape of the head, it will look flat on the back.

Thick, blunt Asian hair should usually be thin or layered, otherwise you will inevitably look like “Asian bowls”: 

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