[SOLVED] Help with Chem Dipoles?

Help with Chem Dipoles?


Consider the AF3 molecules on the first figure. (Figure 1) Which of these will have a nonzero dipole moment?

Figure Link:



Which of the AF4 molecules on the second figure will have a zero dipole moment? (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Link:



The Best answer for Help with Chem Dipoles?

First figure:

Only ii and iii have nonzero dipole moments.

This is because they are asymmetric

Second figure:

Only iii has a zero dipole moment.

This is because it is symmetrical

Think of each F atom as a vector. If the vectors cancel and add to zero, the dipole moment is zero.

In the second figure, I think Scrotie meant only ii has a zero dipole moment because it is symmetrical.  The iii figure has a lone pair on the left side which makes it asymmetric.

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