[SOLVED] Distinguish between subsistence farming and intensive farming

Distinguish between subsistence farming and intensive farming

The difference between subsistence farming and intensive farming is one of scale. Intensive farming is focused on producing a large amount of crops in a short period of time, while subsistence farming relies on a smaller amount of crops to sustain the farmer and their family. Intensive farming can be done with a single crop or multiple crops in succession. Subsistence farming typically uses more natural resources, such as land, water, and sunlight.


Distinguish between subsistence farming and intensive farming

Subsistence farming is a farming system that relies mainly on natural resources to produce crops and livestock. Intensive farming, on the other hand, is a more industrialized method of agriculture that uses inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation systems to increase crop yield. 

The two types of farming have different benefits and drawbacks. Subsistence farmers tend to have a more diversified economy because they can rely on their crops and livestock for income. However, intensive farmers can produce larger yields more quickly, which can lead to increased profits. Intensive farming is also better suited for areas with high precipitation or humidity levels because it requires less water than subsistence farming. 

Subsistence farming is an ancient way of life that has been practiced by cultures around the world for centuries.

Best Answer subsistence farming and intensive farming

Subsistence farming is growing food for your own and your family’s direct consumption. Like a backyard vegetable garden, but with fruit, starch crops, and animals as well.

Intensive agriculture is anything that really works the land hard. The inputs cost money, so it is generally only done for profit. Intensive livestock farming is stuff like feedlot cattle, most piggeries, indoor hens (battery or barn), and even most ‘free range’ hens – anything where the feed is grown elsewhere and brought to the animals because the land they are being kept on isn’t big enough to grow all of their food in the paddock and let them graze it for themselves.

Intensive plant farming is not as clearly defined, but generally market gardens would be intensive, and a few thousand acres of wheat is extensive.

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