[SOLVED] an ex policeman lost his house

An ex-policeman lost his house car and girlfriend what did he lose first


First, he lost his job.

Given: A former policeman lost his house, his car and his girlfriend.

The question asked is an interesting riddle. Implications are given.

In the question, he was told he was a former policeman. This means that he has already lost his job.

“X” is used to indicate that no one is in this situation. Here, a former policeman means that he no longer works as a policeman.

First, he lost his job, then he lost his house, his car and finally he lost his girlfriend.

This si the best Answer for an ex-policeman lost his house?

He lost his job for the first time …


The question stated that he was a former police officer. So he was a police officer in the past.

‘X’ – A person who has previously held a specific position.

So the answer is “he may lose his car because he lost his job, his girlfriend”.

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