My pnc account says there was a withdraw, pnc ata?

First it said PNC ATA and now it has changed to VISA in my pending transactions. It is for 106$. I didnt buy anything, what is this?


It might be a debit card transaction from a few weeks ago that hadn’t been charged to your account yet. Or someone else could have used your card. Call your bank or stop in and ask about it if you’re not sure

It happened to me also. It showed up on my checking account transaction today as “Check Card Cash Adv- PNC/ATA” for $303.16. It’s scary to see someone had access to my account so I called PNC and put a stop and cancelled my card.

I know that for me, I used the “CASH” app to give my spouse money via forwarding it to her within the app so now my account says the “CHECK CARD CASH ADV.-PNC/ATA

I commented on someone else’s comment with my personal story and heart attack episode today. Did you ever get it resolved? My $450.13 withdrawl magically disappeared after talking with customer sevice. I am completely freaked out!

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