My friend called my mom pedomom…What does this mean?

My friend called my mom pedomom…What does this mean?

My mom is relly nice to us…gets us pizza while we hang out and play games. but my friend called her a pedomom. my friends often comes to our house when Im not around and spends time with my mom before I come. he likes her a lot. we are 19 btw.


thats terrible, she’s so rude, pathetic… i know what you feel coz ive somewhat felt the same, i have this friend who became bad, she really changed, she likes to stick with my other friend coz she think it is cool hanging with her coz of her nice cars and wealth, she acts like they’re close, and when im texting her or calling her she’s not replying or answering it, and kinda avoids me, it feels bad coz i was the one who introduce that friend to her so we could become a group but now it seems like she’s taking her away and makes me feel left-out. my other friend have no idea how mean she’s like coz that monster’s way is to always gets her sympathy by telling personal downs in life. im trying to move on now. in your case, just avoid her, she’s not worth your friendship she’s mean and rude, she may be popular but have a pea brain, no manners and liar, so inbred. just stick with your good friends and find more better friends that will replace her. nobody has the right to make you feel stupid only your parents who raised you and loves you. what she did to you will go back to her someday. just forget bout her or otherwise she might do the same things to you over and over again…

Sounds like someones having sex with your mom

Ha… your friends tappen your mom all night long




Hahaha he wants to do your mom

Hmmm, maybe your mum likes your friend a little too much and MAKES him come…

Sounds like you need a new friend and you may need to invest in some searchengine skillzz.

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