Magcon tour ticket prices?

Magcon tour ticket prices?

My friend and I really want to go to the magcon tour when it comes to Orlando soon, but my parents need to know how much it costs before they say yes. So does anyone know how much the vip tickets cost? And does anyone have any idea of where exactly in Orlando its going to be?


The tickets usually range around $145-180 for VIP.

And I think the event is going to take place near the last time they came, I’m not sure, so yeah.

How Much Are Magcon Tickets

Who knows how much VIP tickets are for Magcon London!?

General Admission: $20-25 (No Meet And Greet -Get to go to main room where the boys dance, Shawn sings, ect.)

Premium Admission- $70-85 (Main Room, get to meet and greet with the boys)

VIP Tickets- $175 (Get there 1 hour early to hang out with the boys -TRUST ME ITS AWESOME LOL- Meet and greet, free t-shirts -signed by each of the members of magcon, including Hayes Grier. maybe Sam Pottorff or JC Caylen could sign it too. They sometimes go with the boys. I got it signed with all of the Magcon members and Sam and JC.)

You might get a hotel room. I got one when I went with my friends. I went 4 times 2/4 I got a hotel room)

well for the party event its 80 and for vip its 150 and just to be there is 25.

For vip it is around 150.

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