job application help! can somone please help?

job application help! can somone please help?

i dont know what to write down in the section of: (1)SUBJECTS OF SPECIAL STUDY/RESEARCH WORK..(2)SPECIAL TRAINING (3)SPECIAL SKILLS…can someone please give me ideas?


Have you done any special study or research work? If so, fill-in the details. This is a good place to elaborate on any experience that you have that is particularly relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, did you work as a summer intern doing work similar to what you are applying for or work in the same field you are applying for? Have you worked on research projects that are related to the job you are applying for?

Have you had special training that would make you better qualified for the job you are applying for? For example, do you have special training in how to use equipment or instruments that would be useful in the job that you are applying for? Have you had night classes in technical writing or speech?

Do you have any special skills other than what you learned in the course of your schooling? For example, do you speak a foreign language?

Note, the above are just examples since I don’t know anything about your background or the type of job you are applying for. The questions give you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by highlighting additional capabilities that you can bring to the job that the average applicant might not. Make sure to put down anything that might remotely give you an edge. Applying for a job is a very competitive process.

Hope these answers have been helpful. Good luck with your job search!

Some of this depends on the type of job you’re applying for. You would most likely want to put down things that are relevant to the job. And if you don’t have anything, then don’t fill it in (you don’t want to lie).

Special Study/Research – did you do something in college that would fall under this category?

Special Training – maybe some unique or desirable software programs that you have been using

Special Skills – this can be anything from experience in dealing with difficult people to being mathematically adept. Really anything that might help you stand out.

Think about what they need most in the people they hire for the type of job you’re applying for. Maybe it’s someone responsible, or someone who can create a sense of fun for the public. Think of 3 – 4 of these qualities (that you actually have) and show how you’d use them on the job.

Your answer depends on the job. They are asking you to list your experience and training. For example if the job is for a management analyst, you might answer this way.

1. Led a research team in establishing departmental quality standards.

2. Completed training in data collection and statistical analysis.

3. Fluent in Spanish. Excellent typing and filing skills.

What to put on general information part for job application

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