i think children are generally ? best answer 20 point and this is for an application for a day care center?

i think children are generally ? best answer 20 point and this is for an application for a day care center?

job application please help


“I think children are generally:”

1. A joy to be around.

2. Able to keep you on your toes, but are so rewarding to work with.

3. Among the most lovable people in the world.

4. A gigantic pain in the ***.

If you use number 4, you probably won’t get the job. The first three are more accurate, in my opinion. Good luck and I hope you get the job!

By the way, I think you meant 10 points – it’s not possible to give 20 points on here.

I think children are generally a product of how they are guided. They are eager to please people who can be influenced by many things. If these influences are good and create a sense of “belongingness” and safety they will reflect this onto others. If the influences are inconsistent or create a sense of fear and anxiety then the child will reflect this in their behaviour. One can curb this anxiety by creating the safe environment and being consistent with the child so they begin to develop and recognize social boundaries.

Children are people who are discovering a world that they need to be guided through. If they are guided in the wrong direction, or are not guided at all, it is obvious what will happen. If they are given what they need and shown the right way generally the child will develop good social skills, a good work ethic, a sense of altruism, and become a role model themselves. They will look forward to doing good as they have been rewarded and have that intrinsic value and reward of doing the right thing.

How in the heck are you going to give away 20 points? Cheater, I wouldn’t hire you simply because you can’t fill out the application without consulting the internet.

“I think children are generally good natured and eager to learn new things.”

btw~ I am not sure how you can give 20 points, but I am sure this will be your best answer.

Congrats on the new job.

Well, I think children are generally adorable.

Is that the kind of answer you’re looking for?

Uhm, if you can’t answer that yourself you clearly don’t need a job around kids!

In need of unconditional love, and are a gift from God and should be treated that way.

I think children are generally really good at eating glue and crayons.

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