Huh challenge ideas?

Huh challenge ideas?

I have to roast this one person but I ve never actually talked to her, any generic roasts?


My Name Is (Person s Name) And I Was Born On The Highway Because That s Where Most Accidents Happenen

Huh my name is (Persons Name) and the only reason I’m never in school is because I get so high that I can’t come to school and lie to everyone because when I get older im gonna be a high school drop out huhhh

Hi my name’s ___ and I wear sneakers to school so people will think im athletic huhhhhh

Hi my name’s ___ and I’m on the football team to hide the fact that I’m actually gay huuuhhhh

My name is (name) and I talk about people behind their back becasue im too short to do it in person. HUH

Hi my name is (name) and my boobs are bigger than my brain, HUH

Hi my name is (name) and I’m faker than Kim K’s ***, HUH

Hi my name is (name) and I act dumb for attention, HUH

Hi my name is (name) and the only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror, HUH

My name is ____ and even my parents think I should drop out and become a stripper

My name is ____ and I look like a nerd but I’m actually dumb af

My name is ____ and my hair is bigger than my butt

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