How would you answer these job assessment questions?

How would you answer these job assessment questions?

A= Not at all true B=Slightly True C=Somewhat True D=Mostly True E=Very True.

1. I am usually satisfied with work that is “good enough.

2.Most people exaggerate a little on employment applications.

3. All people tell “white lies.

4.I set milestones to measure my work.

5.Other people at work know that my work usually has few, if any, errors.

6. I think that people place too much importance on their jobs.

7.Everyone knowingly overdraws his or her bank account.

8.Sometimes you have to exaggerate a little to protect yourself.

9. Sometimes I get quite irritated.

10. At work, others think I am a perfectionist.

11.Most people will exaggerate their previous work experience in order to get a good job.

12.I have made a promise that I could not keep.

13. People often find it hard to get much satisfaction from their job.

14.Very few people who find a wallet containing money would return it to its owner.

15.Work gets me pretty discouraged sometimes.


1. A

2. A

3. A

4. E

5. E.

6. A

7. A.

8. A.


10. E.

11. A.

12. A.

13 E

14 A

15 A

These are the answers they want if you want the job.

Somtimes you have toexggetaye a little to protect yourself

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