How many 1/3 cups are in 1 cup?

How many 1/3 cups are in 1 cup? Please Help


There are 3 1/3 cups in 1 cup.


1/3 of a cup is pronounced “one third” of a cup. If you took 1 cup and divided it into 3 parts, each part is one third of a cup.

you need three 1/3 cups to make 1 cup.


The general answer is that there are 3 of the 1/3 cups in 1 cup.


It’s a ‘general’ answer because, technically speaking, you can’t get *exactly* 1 cup from 1/3-cup measures.

The reason being that the fraction we write as 1/3 (pronounced one-third) will convert to the decimal equivalent of .33, and .33 does not equate to a sum total of 1. The closest you can get to 1 using .33 as a base will be the sum total of .99 – but for your purposes, .99 will be close enough.

That said, if you add .33 and .33 together, you get .66.

Add another .33 and you have .99 . . . or put another way, really close to 1.  

Therefore, there are (approximately) 3 of the 1/3’rd measures in 1 cup.


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Opposite to typical notion, it’s not the equal number. Butter comprises 20-25% water, even as shortening is pure fats. Getting the distinctive quantity requires some math that i’m now not prepared to maneuver by way of, nonetheless 1/2 cup will must be shut ample for banana bread. If you happen to use salted butter, that you would be able to additionally wish to go away out reasonably of the salt inside the recipe.

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