How do I get to the yahoo members directory and look up people by their Yahoo ID?

I keep trying to look up yahoo members and keep getting the FAQ page which directs me to yahoo groups!! very frustrating!!! I do remember being able to look up yahoo members by name or Yahoo ID or do a detailed search and find them by key word—what happened to that? somebody please help me!! DON’T SEND ME TO THE $%^#$% FAQ PAGE!



#Click this link below. Then click ‘Find’ at the top right corner. If you know the person’s real name or E-mail address you could Search him/her by this ( )

#Click this link for Yahoo People search. You could Search the person’s profile by knowing their personal details like telephone number, name, city etc.( )


#This link is a Search tool in which you could use Yellow pages, White pages to find them. You could also look up for their E-mail if you know their Names.( )

#This is an E-mail search profile

#Using this link, you could search for a person’s E-mail address if you know his First Name and Last Name along with the country.( )

#This is Similar to the other websites where you could Search for people ( )

#This is a good link to find people/persons their Email Address, Name, Phone Number, Address, Family History, Background Records, Credit Reports and so on…( )

Yahoo Member Search

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