Applying to Harris Teeter, Must E-Sign??

Applying to Harris Teeter, Must E-Sign??

I’ve never had a job before despite having applied to a few places, and I really want to get a job at a nearby store, Harris Teeter. But in the final stages of applying online I have to provide an E-Signature? It states,”Please enter your unique identifier, i.e. your Taleo system password. Do not use your Social Security number.” But All these E-Sign things cost money and ask about where I work?? I’m really confused and I really need help


an e-signature is just a number that you make up and use. Some people use the last 4 digits of their cell phone number, others use the house number of their childhood home or some other number like that. Don’t use your ssn or birthdate.

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I need help 2 i made the password for the application it works but for the validation to be hired it doesnt.. is it some kinda verification website you have to sign up for?

Thank you. My reply is a little late but I didn’t sign in for a while.

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