[Answered] you are sleeping and you are hungry?

No one is well …. you are sleeping and hungry, and you can eat butter, cheese and nuts in the fridge. What was the first thing you opened?


Apparently, he opens his eyes first.

Otherwise, he sees nothing and then how he opens other things.

So it is clear that he opens his eyes first.

It’s an interesting riddle.

Well, the implications are just for fun.

Usually, they don’t follow the general rules.

To my knowledge, when a person is asleep, he is not hungry. If he is hungry, he does not sleep, which means he is asleep or suffering from insomnia.

That way, it doesn’t matter because there is no question about it.

Remember the question.

A man is sleeping and he is hungry in the fridge, where there is poly, cheese, butter.

So what does man open first? In general, we think it opens up his favorite cheese, Butter Poly.

Anyone who is about to start a solution will think as mentioned above. Those who know, think he will open the fridge door first.

But he opens his eyes first. When he was asleep, he closed his eyes.

Therefore, the man first opens his eyes.

Hope this helps you!

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